I’m a highly qualified and effective Executive coach with over fifteen years international experience working with clients in FTSE 500 companies in a wide range of industries.

My speciality is in supporting professional women develop their unique leadership identity, foster positive relations with peers and cultivate authentic decision making in all aspects of  their careers.

After working with me on a one-on-one basis, my clients report increased confidence and success in their roles, particularly in the areas of navigating key transition stages in their careers, strategic decision making, talent management and leadership development.


What I believe to be true…
That courage trumps playing safe any day.
What matters to me may not be what matters to you… and I remain curious.
That being honest about what you want is the only way
If you don’t ask for it you don’t get it.
That when women are able to take their places as equal members of our world, everyone will be happier.

I Absolutely adore…
1980’s pop a-la Wham, Madonna, Kylie Minogue
Dancing out in the open
Being in the ocean
Chocolate brownies


What lights me up…
Seeing the women I work with draw on the confidence and light they have inside – and shine!!

My ‘Why’, which is to support women rise to the top with the ultimate aim that gender is no longer a ‘thing’, and what matters is individuality.

What I want for you…
To be free
To express who you are
To be who you want to be
To feel loved
To feel peace

To have clarity
To be bold
To be powerful
To know you