Ever wonder why Gender Inclusivity is beneficial to your Business? Find out from the expert

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Gender inclusivity, gender equality and equal opportunities are issues all business need to address. If they do not they will find they are missing significant opportunities and talent. According to research by Catalyst, good workplace diversity benefits not only the business but the economy it operates in. More women enter the workforce than men, yet there are fewer women at … Read More

Good News For All You Procrastinators Out There – It Could Be A Good Thing

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There has been a lot of talk this week around procrastination. This is a clear sign that that which you are putting off is the most important thing to focus on at this moment. It could be writing that book, or what I often come across, re-writing your CV for that all- important career change. Frequently the reasons we put … Read More

Work Life Balance – Is it a Fantasy?

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“Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing”. Harriet Braiker Balance, the ultimate quest. The world we live in today pulls us in multiple directions, with life satisfaction now taking prime position. We are no longer satisfied with a job that pays the bills. We now want a job that is meaningful, impactful, satisfying (and pays the bills). … Read More

Women, Confidence and Leadership

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Boy, I’ve had an inspiration overload of late. They do say, surround yourself with people who inspire you, and I certainly did. At two separate occasions, I had the utmost pleasure of hearing a couple of phenomenal women speak. First, it was the dynamic powerhouse that is Jenny Scott, only the closest advisor to Mark Carney, the governor of the … Read More

3 Things You Need To know About Rising To The Top

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If getting ahead and climbing to the top in your careers is important to you then please do read this. In all my years of working I have found 3 indispensable strategies to forge the way to the top. These may be obvious to me, however, they are quite often not apparent to many. There are many other things that … Read More

What Is Leadership Amongst Destruction And Sadness?

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Last week was marred with the dreadful tragedy that occurred in Manchester, when a young man took the lives of so many innocent people for no reason at all. I’ve been brought to tears reading the accounts of those who lost their lives, many of them so young on Monday night. I’ve wanted to say something though had no words other … Read More