How Neuroscience Can Make You More Confident

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On 8 March, at the workshop I delivered about the Imposter Syndrome one of the participants asked the question, why is it that many capable women feel a lack of confidence, and men seem to stroll through, sometimes without the necessary capabilities. The conversation went on to discuss how we are neuroscientifically wired differently. My fascination with this topic has … Read More

Work Life Balance – Is it a Fantasy?

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“Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing”. Harriet Braiker Balance, the ultimate quest. The world we live in today pulls us in multiple directions, with life satisfaction now taking prime position. We are no longer satisfied with a job that pays the bills. We now want a job that is meaningful, impactful, satisfying (and pays the bills). … Read More

3 Things You Need To know About Rising To The Top

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If getting ahead and climbing to the top in your careers is important to you then please do read this. In all my years of working I have found 3 indispensable strategies to forge the way to the top. These may be obvious to me, however, they are quite often not apparent to many. There are many other things that … Read More

Trust Me, I Need Help

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Nearly a decade ago when I had just started working freelance, I took on a reasonably senior role as Director of Social Media at a large PR consultancy. It was a bold move to put myself forward for it, however what I failed to realise was that now I needed to back that confidence up with actual work. I was … Read More

Leadership Resilience

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Developing resilience as a leader is top of the list of needed qualities needed, especially in today’s fast paced, fast changing world. And particularly for women leaders. Women face a slight disadvantage over and above the regular challenges in the work culture. It is often (not always) upon women to organise child care, or make career choices based on child … Read More

Tough love with a Likability Factor

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I’ve been a busy bee this past week and attended a wonderful training on Tuff Leadership, or as we say it in English.. Tough Leadership. Tuff Leadership is about working with leaders so the can be less parent-like in their relationships with employees, with more emphasis on partnering. Recognising that each member of the organisation is a contributing member, leaders … Read More

Make Yourself More Visible

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Are you working really hard and still not getting that promotion? Doing what you do and doing it well will get you so far. To be promoted one of the key strategies is to increase your visibility. Research by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co. (and many others) found that women are 15% less likely to get promoted as compared to … Read More