How Neuroscience Can Make You More Confident

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On 8 March, at the workshop I delivered about the Imposter Syndrome one of the participants asked the question, why is it that many capable women feel a lack of confidence, and men seem to stroll through, sometimes without the necessary capabilities. The conversation went on to discuss how we are neuroscientifically wired differently. My fascination with this topic has … Read More

How to Address a Lord Correctly

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Last week was quite a week. I had been invited to participate in a debate at the House of Lords in honour of International Women’s Day. 20 women were invited. Interestingly, to host a historic event such as this took it took the cooperation of a man and woman. It was the joint effort Lady and Lord Popat who managed … Read More

The World’s Biggest Imposter

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I’m the worlds biggest imposter.  I’ve just written an article about this. Ever since all around me are other articles and workshops about the imposter syndrome. I no longer feel that I too had some instances where I have felt that any success achieved by me is merely down to luck, and that any minute now I will be found … Read More

The Launch

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After 6 months of hard work and dedication I am so excited to officially launch my brand new website, ‘’ on 21st July 2016.   It seems like a simple thing, putting up a website. Well it has been more like a big process, with challenges along the way. What has been most amazing is the band of people that … Read More