“When choosing my coach from BPI I knew from the initial conversation with Suparna that she would push me harder and I genuinely thought through the pro’s and cons of that, but decided ultimately that if you are committed to your development and you are getting this sort of investment in you, it makes 100% sense to find someone who will really step change your performance.”

Leader in Marketing, FTSE 10 FMCG brand

“Suparna has a quietly encouraging, non-aggressive style which allows room for a person to think and evaluate without feeling pressured into going in a particular direction. She did not try to push her own ideas but asked pertinent questions which led me to my own conclusions. She is also an excellent listener.”

Leader in Sales, Wholesale Banking & Investment Solutions, Specialised Financial Services

“Suparna is warm, engaged and compassionate. I feel like she pushes me ead, but at the same time, I don’t feel rushed. I also value the way she finds additional inspirational and informative resources linked to our sessions. Finally, what made me choose Suparna as my coach is the variety of her interests and experiences.”

Post Graduate Student

“I initially signed up for the women’s coaching (breakfast event) to bring two of my mentees to meet amazing business women, but also get a coaching perspective. I really set my expectations to low.

I had two big ‘oh crap’ moments about my career. 1) About how I coach my mentees and 2) what makes me happy in my career.

My mentees also really learned loads and built their network. Suparna has inspired me to pursue a coaching qualification, and tailor the way I work to make myself happier. The only thing blocking me beforehand was myself, and Suparna allowed me to move past this.

Senior Manager, Accenture

I started our coaching relationship
with aspirations but very unclear of how to achieve them. Through our sessions you have helped me
gain clarity of what I want to achieve and how I can get there. There have been a number of ‘aha’
moments which have really moved my thinking forward and are contributing to my leadership approach
as well as guiding my future career decisions.
I have appreciated your flexibility in when and where we have met which has helped me fit our sessions
into a very busy work and home life.
After 12 months I have achieved everything I set out to and in the process gained insight and confidence
in what I do and how I do it. I start 2018 with much greater clarity of how to achieve my new goals.
Many thanks for your brilliant guidance.